About Us

The Marshall Consulting & Strategy Club (MCSC) is a student-run organization at the Marshall School of Business. The objectives of consulting club are three-fold:

  • Provide its members with access to the best resources pertaining to management consulting and associated career opportunities.
  • Increase the visibility of the Marshall MBA to the consulting industry.
  • Engage members in a variety of events that brings together Marshall MBA students and representatives from the industry's leading firms.




Vision Statement

Our vision is to establish the Marshall School of Business as one of the world's premier business programs for students to either bolster or launch a successful consulting career.

Our Value Proposition

With all these resources at their disposal, we encourage our members to put in the time, effort, and practice to make the most of the opportunities that the Marshall Consulting and Strategy Club provide. This is achieved by using the following methods:

Marshall Consulting & Strategy Club