The Marshall Hospitality and Gaming Club (MHGC) strives to create opportunities for MBAs to learn more about the Hospitality Industry (such as hotels, restaurants, casinos and spas) and provides information on the growing need for MBAs within these business segments.  Our club events offer a fun social context in which our members can gain deeper exposure from a business perspective.

The organization's goals for the 2013-14 academic year and beyond will be to:

  • Act as a career resource to the club members who are interested in career in Hospitality
  • Act as an educational resource to educate interested candidates on the industry trends
  • Provide networking opportunities to foster meaningful relationships that help club members in their career

The MHGC website on CampusGroups is where you will find all the latest news, events, and club happenings during the year. Stay up to date and don't miss out!

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