The Marshall Sports Business Organization (MSBO) brings together students interested in all functions (marketing, finance, operations, digital media, etc.) within the sports industry. Our purpose is to act as a resource for students who want to network and learn about career opportunities in the sports industry.

The organization's goals for the 2014-15 academic year and beyond will be to:

  • Create a strong network to support, develop and provide resources to students interested in the business of sports
  • Increase connectivity, knowledge transfer, and relationship development opportunities in media and entertainment
  • Provide a forum for professional development
  • Expand and strengthen alumni relationships
  • Provide a forum for Marshall students to enjoy local sporting and sports business events

The MSBO website on CampusGroups is a landing page for all the latest news, events, and club happenings during the year. Stay up to date and don't miss out!

Fight On!

- MSBO Board