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USC BBSA - Mission Statement


The Black Business Student Association is a student organization that operates under the USC Marshall School of Business and is dedicated to preparing students of all backgrounds and areas of study to succeed in the professional world by providing them with numerous resources and opportunities.  This includes, but is not limited to, recruitment events, guest speaker presentations, career development sessions, networking opportunities, and more.


USC BBSA – An Introduction


The USC Black Business Student Association (BBSA) is an on-campus, undergraduate organization that is open to students of all races, academic majors and disciplines. Also known as “The Professionals Club,” the BBSA’s goal is to create and host events that will prepare students to become professionals in entrepreneurial and corporate settings. 


One of the BBSA’s primary objectives is to provide valuable networking opportunities for students with successful USC alumni. This interaction has led to students obtaining internship and career opportunities at many of America’s most respected companies. To help achieve our objective, the BBSA has collaborated with organizations such as INROADS, and co-sponsors events with other student organizations such as the Latino Business Student Association (LBSA).


Another major goal of the BBSA is to connect major corporations with a talented pool of high achieving students to recruit as future employees. The BBSA plans social and business meeting events designed to allow corporate recruiters and representatives to introduce their firm to the campus community. All of these events are designed to expose corporations to the best students USC has to offer.


The BBSA is also an organization dedicated to serving the community. In prior years, our membership has volunteered with Teach for LA, and participated in university-sponsored canned food drives and beautification projects. We also hope to partner with African Americans in Health for a college expo event, for high school students in the area. 


During the 2016-2017 school year, our goal is to connect our members with recruiters from top companies, help them grow their personal and professional networks, and ultimatley re-establish BBSA's precense by continuing to make an impact in the community at large.