What is HoCo?

The Honor Committee (HoCo) is an umbrella organization at Marshall that is charged with promoting Business Ethics and the Marshall Values, as well as representing the student body in the adjudication of academic violations. Our focus will be implementing several initiatives to strengthen Marshall's culture, which is defined by our four core values.

Marshall's four core values are: Transformational Courage, Collaborative Ambition, Impactful Service, and Unwavering Integrity.

We here at USC Marshall hold ourselves to a very high standard of conduct and expect nothing less from our fellow MBA candidates. This standard serves as part of the USC MBA brand that corporations expect and has become especially important during these challenging times.

Members & Officers

All MBA students are members of HoCo and can attend HoCo events without paying any club dues. First-year students interested in becoming an Officer will get an opportunity to apply in September 2020.

Events & Activities

1) Community Conversations, where students discuss and share their thoughts and experiences.
2) Guest Speakers and panel discussions with industry experts; about navigating difficult conversations w/ clients and Ethical Dilemmas on the job.
3) Adjudication Process Training - Only for HoCo Officers.

Events & Activities

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E: mba.honor@marshall.usc.edu

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