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The Leadership & Organization Club aims to provide support to students interested in careers in Leadership Development Programs, Rotational Programs, Human Capital Consulting, and roles in the HR function.

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We will be liaising with other career clubs to offer training and career development programs. For example, we will be working with industry clubs that are known for LDP recruitment. We will be providing casing and behavioral interview prep workshops and networking with recruiters to bring more on-campus recruitment opportunities.

The club will also be focusing on workshops and event that are curated to enable students to work on their leadership and communications development.

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Jyoti Pramanick Profile

Jyoti Pramanick

Simratpal Singh Syan Profile

Simratpal Singh Syan

Marine Galstyan Profile

Marine Galstyan

VP of Leadership Development Training
Connie Zeng Profile

Connie Zeng

Rohith Chandra Asoju Profile

Rohith Chandra Asoju

VP of Finance
Raghav Mahajan Profile

Raghav Mahajan

VP of Technology & Communications
Joseph DeNormandie Profile

Joseph DeNormandie

VP of Career Development
Maryam Wagle Profile

Maryam Wagle

VP of Marketing & Communications
Kevin Wolfman Profile

Kevin Wolfman

Akshay Tyagi Profile

Akshay Tyagi

VP of Recruiting
Pratyush Verma Profile

Pratyush Verma

VP of Events & Community

E: mba.loc.club@marshall.usc.edu

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