Case Preparation Program

An integral step to getting a job in not only consulting, but a growing number of industries, is the case interview – a style of interviewing introduced and used by the major consulting firms in all functions and sectors. Simulating real-life scenarios, its popularity has spread over the years from consulting into other industries, including marketing and strategy.

Although it may appear to be broad or vague in structure, the case interview does have a set of specific guidelines and procedures. Even though it may seen challenging at first, master case interviews will not only help you find employment, but also to think critically and quickly.

The MCSC’s case preparation program is specifically aimed at preparing candidates for case interviews. Members receive case books with practices cases that are used to practice with one another. There are 3 "Super Sundays" of mock interviews simulating real interview experiences, held over the course of the first semester. Case workshops and guidance from second-year casing coaches are provided throughout the entire interview preparation process. The process culminates with candidates interviewing with top-tier professional consultants who make a final decision on awarding the case-certified status during the third Super Sunday.

program Schedule

Super Sunday 1

  • Early October
  • Mock interview with MCSC second-years. Emphasis placed on: (i) “why consulting” and behavioral questions, and (ii) intermediate-level case questions.

Super Sunday 2

  • Early November
  • Mock interviews conducted with MCSC second-years and/or consulting/industry alum. Emphasis placed on why consulting, teamwork, and typical behavioral questions and advanced-level case questions.

Super Sunday 3: Case Certification

  • Early December
  • Mock interviews conducted with MCSC second-years and/or consulting/industry alum. Each interview begins with behavioral questions (could be from resume) followed by a case interview and Q&A. This is a replica of a typical company interview.


Interviews are treated exactly like "the real thing" on interview day -- interviewers do not “know” candidates. Expected dress is business formal and interviews are conducted in the Career Services office.


Please contact one of our VPs of Case Preparation: Jivan Gandhi, Jon Lloyd, Ridhima Sanghvi

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