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About Us

Marshall Data Analytics Club prepares students to be data-driven leaders across different industries and functions. Through consulting projects and data challenge competitions, we offer opportunities to work with real-world data sets from our corporate partners, helping students to practice not only the technical skills but also how to make data-driven decisions.

Our Team

Sophia Rendon
AVP of Alumni Relations
Joshua Fujii
AVP of Finance
Jacquelyn Cooley
AVP of Career Development
Christopher Lord
AVP of Alumni Relations
Brian Schwartz
AVP of Projects
Dana Greene
AVP of Events
Diana Chen
AVP of Projects
Michael Jacobs
AVP of Tech/Marketing
Tyler Orfao
AVP of Career Development
Paul Gioeli
Anurag Bose
VP of Training
Shiqi Zhou
VP of Career Development
Brandon Comer
VP of Projects
Gilbert Dueñas
VP of Finance
Pingping(Amanda) Zhang
VP of Tech/Marketing
Yuki Nakayama
VP of Events
Lindsey Lee
VP of Events
Jocelyn Zheng
VP of Alumni Relations
Jack Ringquist
Kat Lopez