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The Marshall School of Business is a tremendous place for veterans to further their education. USC’s location in the dynamic business environment of Los Angeles provides excellent access to exciting career opportunities. The Marshall Values of Transformational Courage, Collaborative Ambition, Impactful Service and Unwavering Integrity are reminiscent of the values ingrained in military members during their service, providing a familiar and welcoming atmosphere. The collaborative and close relationships within the program are much like the camaraderie we enjoyed in the military. In the 2021-2022 school year, the Marshall Veterans Association (MVA) will continue its role in the Marshall community by conducting activities that will focus on a few key areas:

Admissions: Applying to top business schools such as Marshall can be complicated and the MVA is committed to assisting veterans as they navigate the process. If you are a prospective MBA student looking for information, please reach out via our MVA contact form on this website or email me directly at We can provide helpful insights to translating your experiences in the best possible light for the admissions office and can refer you to other MVA members who can provide advice based on your background, branch of service, and industry interests.

Career Development: The MVA helps veterans achieve success during their time at Marshall and in their careers afterward. Through assigned mentors, the MVA helps new students explore their career possibilities and connect with alumni in their industries of interest. We also work with Marshall’s industry clubs to ensure veterans are well prepared for the internship and job application process. Marshall veterans go on to find success in a wide variety of career functions and industries.

Social and Community: In addition to helping veterans navigate the admissions and career transition process, the MVA is also committed to strengthening the community and camaraderie of veterans at Marshall and USC as a whole. Through regular social and networking events, the MVA will foster a sense of community and provide a venue for veterans to connect, share their experiences, and expand their networks.

Marshall is an exciting and dynamic place to combine our military experience with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the business world. We look forward to another excellent year at the University of Southern California.

Fight On!

Kevin Doran
President, Marshall Veterans Association