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Welcome to the Marshall Net Impact chapter!

To draw from our amazing Marshall Brittingham professor Jill Kickul’s book on Social Entrepreneurship, “social, from the latin socialis, means an ally, associate or companion.” Entrepreneurs are defined by their way of “thinking, reasoning and acting that is opportunity obsessed, holistic in approach and leadership balanced.”

Now more ever, I believe this concept aligns with the future of business as a whole – from BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s call for business to “serve a social purpose” to the foundational shifts across industries as they focus and work together on environmental sustainability and ethical leadership. And it speaks to the heart of Marshall’s concept of business, enshrined in our core values of Transformational Courage, Collaborative Ambition, Impactful Service and Unwavering Integrity.

As the local affiliate of the national Net Impact organization, Marshall Net Impact aims to be the home for all those at the Marshall graduate level, from MBAs to Specialized Masters, who seek to drive transformational social and environmental change. USC is brimming with resources, no matter the career track you want to get into or the cause you care about. A step outside our campus walls puts us in a city that weaves ingenuity and disruptive innovation into all its endeavors.

Over the course of the next school year, I look forward to working with our stellar board to build upon the following three pillars:

  1. Expanding the exciting work our chapter did this year in Impact Consulting and Impact Investing: We’ll continue to offer and support Impact Consulting projects for those that want experience in consulting for the greater good both for career experience, or just to give back. We’ll also continue to network, and offer opportunities to gain expertise and experience in Impact investment with panels, Impact Investment firm visits and other opportunities.
  2. Developing skills and knowledge for students who want to integrate impact into traditional business careers tracks: There are many ways to integrate social and environmental impact into your life and career, from Corporate Intrapreneurship, serving on non-profit boards, expanding corporate social responsibility, to exploring effective philanthropy while working in a traditional field. We’ll continue these series of events next year and add more for those interested in impact and sustainability while exploring traditional business tracks.
  3. Building on and expanding our career support for those specifically looking for impact-related careers: We’ll provide more networking opportunites expanding on our work last year with the Bay Area Career Trek, by integrating more day-on-the-jobs locally, as well as additional domestic and international trek offerings. Furthermore, we’re building our direct recruitment lines with partners to enhance internship and career opportunities in impact fields, with the help of career advisor, Peter Campbell.


The Marshall experience gives you time to explore how you will be a leader moving forward, and we hope you join us in finding ways to make sure purpose and profit never have to be mutually exclusive.

Fight On!

Priyanka Anandampillai

USC Marshall MBA Candidate 2020