BEA Symposium


The Business of Entertainment Symposium is a tentpole event for the club, bringing entertainment industry professionals on campus to talk about many of the challenging changes facing the entire scope of entertainment commerce. From the changing nature of live music events to the impact of free ad-supported television (FAST) on the traditional market, these panels will offer students critical knowledge on current events and provide an opportunity to network with alumni, professionals, and graduate students from the entertainment community.

AGENDA for Friday 2/2:

  • 9-9:15am: Welcome Remarks9:20-10:20am: Panel (TV)
  • 9:20-10:20am: Panel (TV)
  • 10:30am-11:20am: Panel (Sports)11:30am-12:20pm: Panel (Music)
  • 11:30am-12:20pm: Panel (Music)12:30pm-1:20pm: LUNCH
  • 12:30pm-1:20pm: LUNCH
  • 1:30-2:20pm: Panel (Film)
  • 2:30-3:20pm: Panel (GWiB)
  • 3:20-3:30pm: Closing Remarks from Sam Simon


Music: “The Changing Landscape of Live Concerts”:

The music industry is changing, and the landscape of live concerts is no different. With a spotlight on recent evolutions in the concert experience, from cutting-edge technological integrations to novel audience engagement tactics, we’ll dive into a holistic look at the revolution of live performances. This discussion will unpack the complexities facing today's artists, promoters, and audiences, and is essential for anyone looking to grasp the future direction of live music events.

TV: “FAST Growth: How New Channels are Impacting an Old Market”

Although linear continues to decline, older audiences have kept it alive due to long-standing viewing habits. However, free-ad-supported-television (FAST) has come to convert these audiences and take its place as the fastest growing entertainment delivery technology in the world. Our speakers will help explain where FAST lives in the streaming landscape, who is adopting FAST to grow their userbase, and how FAST has changed entertainment as we know it

Sports: “The Shift to Sports Streaming”

As we experience a migration from cable to streaming, no type of entertainment is exempt, and sports broadcasting is experiencing a pivotal shift. Our session investigates how this major transition is upending traditional market structures, delving into what this shift means for fans, advertisers, and content creators, emphasizing the profound ways streaming is altering sports consumption. This conversation is vital for understanding the rapidly changing confluence of sports, media, and technology.

Film: “Home vs. Theatrical: The Future of Windowing Strategies”

The film industry is grappling with the changing dynamics of movie releases, as home and theater debuts challenge traditional models and redefine the cinematic experience in the digital age. We’ll dive into a conversation on film distribution and tackle the pressing challenges that face the traditional models. Our alumni experts will discuss how these shifts are impacting box office performance, expanding audience demographics, and redefining the movie-watching experience, cumulating in the new equilibrium between the cinematic allure of theaters and the home viewing convenience.

GWIB: “Breaking into the Boys Club: Women in the Entertainment industry”

Despite progress in promoting female producers and executives in the entertainment industry, upper leadership remains predominantly male. In this panel, seasoned industry professionals will delve into the ongoing challenges and advancements for women in entertainment. They will explore effective strategies for advancing more women into top-tier positions and ensuring their retention. Key topics include the pivotal role of mentorship, and fostering work environments that support and appeal to female leaders. This discussion is crucial for driving further change and giving women the tools they need to climb even further in the entertainment industry's highest ranks.