Marshall Cannabis Association

Driving education, recruitment, and destigmatization at USC Marshall for the rapidly growing cannabis and hemp industries.


Our Vision

Founded in 2020, MCIC is bridging USC Marshall to California's fast-growing and highly entrepreneurial cannabis and hemp industries through three pillars:

Education - we aim to be the central bridge connecting industry professionals in Southern California to interested students at Marshall to share insights, best practices, and educational resources.

Career Planning - we strive to be the channel for connecting recruiters, companies and investors with students interested in career opportunities in the burgeoning cannabis and hemp space.

Destigmatization - we continually spread awareness on cannabis - medical, recreational, and hemp - and provide a safe space for connecting and sharing information.









Members Benefits

Membership entails access to all MCIC events, connections, and opportunities provided by our newsletter. We are a vibrant community!

Events & Activities

Engaging panels, yoga seshs, and day on the jobs are all part of our core events programming.

Exclusive Resources

We bring transparent opportunities to an industry that can be hard to navigate.

Shared Mindset

Connect with our open-minded, entrepreneurial team!

Our Team

Pearl Choi
Owen Traynor
AVP of Events and Case Competitions
Madeline Western
AVP of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships
Daniel Marmor
Vice President of Strategy and Community Engagement
Brandon Lawson
Vice President of Alumni Relations
Julian Garcia
Jake Simon
Vice President of Site Visits
Mark Brostoff
Brittany Woods
Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Efficiency
Mark Gannott
Vice President
Chloe Ticknor
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships
Robert Ferraioli
Vice President of Finance