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Mona Raithatha, Clayton Webb, Nevaeh Wu, Aman Singh, Komal Shah,
Ekansh Gupta, Candace Lee, Emily Sampson, Jessica Hong (from left to right)



Mission Statement

Our dynamic board of current Marshall students strives to maintain a consistent link across all student and faculty run programs. Through open communication and ongoing student/faculty feedback, MGSA represents the voice and needs of each student in the Marshall community. MGSA provides an essential foundation to fund, develop, and enhance the programs, events, and culture that make up the Marshall experience. Our three goals this year are to intentionally bring ongoing wellness events throughout the year, cross-collaborate within departments, and make improvements in different spaces here at Marshall. 

The Marshall Graduate Student Association welcomes you to share your voice to improve USC Marshall. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the MGSA board.

Fight on!

Komal Shah
President, Marshall Graduate Student Association