Marshall Graduate Student Association: Full Time

Our Mission

The mission of the Marshall Graduate Student Association is to advocate on behalf of the MBA student body in order to enhance and improve the overall student experience.

This includes, but is not limited to, improvements and enhancements in the areas of: Academics, Career Development, Community, Diversity & Inclusion, Finance, International Student Relations, Marketing & Alumni Relations, and Technology.

The members of MGSA are principal student leaders and brand managers of the Marshall MBA Program and will promote the image of USC, Marshall, and its students by upholding the Code of Professional and Academic Integrity, collaborating with the Administration and student organizations, and leading with integrity, while selflessly serving the entire Marshall community.

Jimmy Zhang
VP of Career Development
Parvathi Bindhu
Linh Ha
Nicholas Conner
Mark Brewster
VP of Finance
Junli Niu
VP of International Relations
Jesse Chiang
VP of Technology
Megan Rucker
VP of Community
Emily Aguilar
Alexis (Lexi) Mohr
VP of Academics
Erin Pindus
VP of Marketing
Cara Dorsey
VP of Diversity and Inclusion