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Marshall MLFP (Marshall Leadership Fellows Program)

The Marshall Leadership Fellows Program is a co-curricular, comprehensive, one-year long leadership development program for full-time MBA students. MLFP is supported by and collaborates with Marshall faculty, program office and administration to engage students in curricular, coaching & experiential programs that build key leadership traits. Upon graduation, MLFP Fellows will emerge better prepared for their desired career paths and associated leadership responsibilities.

MLFP Key Program Elements:

LEADing Voices Speaker Series – A set of specific speaking events that will provide Fellows the opportunity to learn from and engage with top industry leaders.

LEADing in the Field - This component consists of an offsite activity designed to test Fellows’ ability to employ their leadership skills in a live simulation.

LEAD-in-Practice - Fellows will take a deeper dive into understanding their own leadership styles and how they can effectively interact with other styles. Through their interactions with first-year core teams, Fellows have the opportunity to turn theory into practice as they seek to elevate the teams' performance and satisfaction.  This places development of leadership skills into a self-guided yet structured environment and increases faculty interaction outside of the classroom in a “work-like” environment.

LEAD Fellows Community Impact Project - In teams of 4-6, Fellows will work together to solve a real community impact problem by the end of the program.

LEAD Fellows Foundations of Leading and Coaching Course (MOR 598A) - This is a 1.5 unit course where Fellows, in collaboration with faculty, learn to apply coaching and mentoring methods in both simulated and real-world applications. The goal of this course is to have Fellows explore their own leadership perspective in some depth. Fellows will evaluate and test the building blocks of leadership: vision development, interviewing and being interviewed, team building, influence and alignment of teammates and followers, and self-awareness - developing competences in active listening and process consultation.

Benefits of the LEAD Fellows Program

Fellows, as a part of this program, will have the opportunity to participate in a Dean’s Lunch with both the Dean of the Full Time MBA Program and Dean of the Marshall School of Business. Upon graduation Fellows will participate in a culminating celebration and be officially recognized at commencement with specialized adornment and within the commencement ceremony.

MLFP Application Requirements

To participate in the LEAD Fellows program, there will be an open application process beginning in the Fall Semester. Interviews will be held on a rolling basis. Fellows for the Class of 2019 will be announced mid-Fall Semester. Please note, all selected participants must be available for a fellows kick off AND the MOR 598A course.

For more information, please contact the MLFP Board: Catherine Dávila, Dan Freedman, Chelsey Ott and Tracy Thomas.

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