USC Marshall School of Business | Groups

 Ian Quetglas

 Hometown: San Juan, PR
 Favorite Drink: Full-body on steroids, teeth-staining, Napa Cab - with a nice blonde beer on the side

 Alan Macias
 VP Finance

 Hometown: Mexico City, MX
 Favorite Drink: Double Straight Blanco Tequila - with a side of sliced orange with tajín


 Sahara Martinez
 VP Community Engagement 

 Hometown: Oxnard, CA
 Favorite Drink: Vodka Martini, Extra Dirty - chased with a glass of Veuve Clicquot


 Alex Cherem
 VP Marketing

 Hometown: Mexico City, MX
 Favorite Drink: Mezcal Mule - Double mezcal, half mule

 Bruce Pierce
 VP Social Programming 

 Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
 Favorite Drink: Belgian-style wheat beer - served in a chilled glass