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 Ujwal Kollur Murali

 President, SABA


Dear Marshall community,

It is a tremendous honor to lead the South Asian Business Association (SABA) for the year 2021-22 and I’m looking forward to a momentous year of events! I appreciate all the hard work of the previous President, Priya Gupta, and her board. I strongly believe in the power of bringing communities together and as the President of SABA, strive to work towards it. My vision for the club is to help South Asian students preserve and permeate their cultural identities by fostering inclusivity and by organizing events that celebrate the richness of South Asian culture.

Over the past year, we organized amazing events like Diwali, attended by over 300 Marshall students, celebrating the richness of the festival of lights as well as Holi, attended by over 50 USC students, who got a chance to experience the festival of colors. To further celebrate South Asian culture, we had multiple events like movie nights, dance workshops, and food experience parties. Last year, we also focused on having several professional development events to help members further their careers. We invited Alumni, from Amazon, EY, and more, as part of speaker series. Who shared with us valuable experiences on recruiting while at Marshall as the industry landscapes change.

For the year 2020-21, my board and I wish to ensure we maintain the legacy of the previous board by organizing events on a far greater scale. We intend to help the incoming class discover professional and academic opportunities that are available through USC Marshall. Keeping this in mind, we expect to implement a robust mentor-mentee program, organize behavioural workshop, and leverage alumni for mixers.

I’m eager to work towards accomplishing our goals for the year with the support of my incredibly talented board and the strong and vibrant student community. I hope you are as excited as I am for what’s in store for the year. It is certainly an exciting time this year with Marshall’s focus on Diversity & Inclusion. I welcome you all to join this awesome club to enrich your experience at USC Marshall. See you at the next SABA event!

Fight On!