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 Reaching Out MBA (ROMBA) Conference

The most important event of the year, Reaching out MBA or ROMBA is the LGBT recruiting conference that not only helps you network with potential companies in all sectors and industries but also builds lifelong friendships along the way.  Although it may be pricey (cost of the conference, flights, and hotels), it is DEFINITELY WORTH IT and a must!

The location of this conference changes every year.  in 2016 it was located in Dallas and in 2017 it was located in Boston. The speaker in 2017 was Anderson Cooper and Margaret Cho. At the upcoming 2018 ROMBA at Minneapolis, RuPaul will be the keynote speaker.  It is generally held in early October of each year, but the dates change, so please go online and research "Reaching Out MBA". 

During this conference, you'll have a chance to engage in a career fair, hear amazing speakers, go out to multiple social sessions with your friends, other LGBT members from other MBA programs and LGBT representatives from MANY firms, some of which do not recruit at Marshall otherwise.  In addition, there are workshops, learning panels, a resume collection and on-site INTERVIEWS. 

Marshall Pride Brunch and Mimosas

Come get brunch and mimosas around Los Angeles with some of your closest friends. This is a great time to catch up, build better friendships, plan travels, and talk about tough topics that arise. 

Marshall Nights Out in WeHo

This is a great opportunity to check out everything West Hollywood has to offer.  Come check out the scene, listen to bomb music, and socialize with your closest friends.