It's an extraordinary time for the Graduate International Student Club.

Welcome, international Trojans!

Getting your MBA is a transformative and challenging experience. It is all about pausing one’s life as is and taking a leap of faith. It is even more so of a challenge for us internationals who also need to move to a new country. Marshall looks and attracts people who stretch themselves and in my eyes, international students are the living embodiment of “transformational courage” that defines us Trojans.

International students generally make up one third of the USC Marshall student population. As one of the largest clubs on campus, Graduate International Student Club (GISC) serves as the official student body for the international students at Marshall. GISC provides rigorous career preparation, a peer mentorship program, culture-themed events, transition into US life best practices, and social mixers with other cultural clubs on campus. We are dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive international community and improving the success of international students professionally and socially.

We encourage you to reach out to us, whether you are prospective international students, current students, or alumni. Please remember, we are always here to listen, help and support.

Fight on!
Oktay Ege Duran