Junli Niu

Place of Birth: Xinjiang, China
Undergrad: Fudan University
Major: Law
Fun Fact: I am bad at telling jokes since I will start laughing before I even finish the joke.

Junli graduated from Fudan University in 2014 with a bachelor degree of law. After college, she worked in the financial industry in Shanghai for 6 years. She developed a passion for Tech industry during her experience as the investment manager at Lianchu Securities and hopes to join a tech company after MBA. Thus, Junli is very excited to join Amazon as a FLDP intern this summer.

Born and raised in a region of China inhabited many different minority groups, Junli is passionate about bringing together people with diverse backgrounds, languages, and cultures. Served as the GISC president, she genuinely wants to help international students transit into life in the U.S. and have an unforgettable experience at Marshall!

US Ambassador

Yiyi Ge

Place of Birth: Shanghai, China Undergrad: NYU Major: Hospitality and Tourism Management Fun Fact: I studied theatre for 4 years back in high school.

Yiyi Ge grew up in LA and completed her undergraduate degree in BS Hospitality and Tourism Management from NYU in 2017. She has few years of professional experience in operations, sales and marketing functions of the hospitality industry. She is interning at JP Morgan and Chase as a summer associate over the summer and is excited to serve as the VP of US Ambassador for GISC. In her spare time, she loves to travel and discover new restaurants!

VP of Community

Ojuolape Asuquo

Place of Birth: Brussels, Belgium
Undergrad: Wichita State University
Major: Communications
Fun Fact: I used to be a blogger and still enjoy creating content and sharing on my one and only (somewhat) active social media page.

Ojuola combines journalistic training and an analytical toolkit honed over 10 years of experience in telecommunications, music entertainment and tech, to build and connect with engaged communities in emerging markets.

VP of Community

Melissa Wongso

Place of Birth: Surabaya, Indonesia
Undergrad: University of California, Berkeley
Major: Business Administration
Fun Fact: She loves to practice yoga and drink hot water

Melissa has lived in the States since 2014. She earned her B.S. in Business Administration at UC Berkeley Haas before joining Deloitte as an Audit Associate in SF Bay Area. In Summer 2020, as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, she partnered with start-up Belift Coffee to launch a social initiative designed to help alleviate economic difficulties faced by coffee farmers in Papua. Melissa aspires to work at the intersection of profit and purpose. At Marshall, she is an active member of the Marshall Net Impact (MNI), Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab (BSEL), and Student Investment Fund (SIF). She is excited to serve as VP of Community in GISC and looks forward to getting to know you!

VP of Career Development

Hank Gou

Place of Birth: Sichuan, China
Undergrad: Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
Major: Accounting and Finance
Fun Fact: I am a part-time dance teacher

Yushuang (Hank) Gou graduated from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 2015 with B.B.A in Accounting and Finance. After college, Hank came to PwC and EY working on financial advisory for two years. Then he spent three years at IDG Capital, one of the largest PE&VC funds in China, where he focused on project investment and management. He will continue to work in the finance or investment area as his focus. He hopes to contribute to career development for International students while growing with GISC together.

VP of Career Development

Shravani Kamal

Place of Birth: Mumbai, India
Undergrad: University of Mumbai
Major: Civil Engineering
Postgrad: IIT Guwahati
Major: Environmental Engineering
Fun Fact: Shravani has been practicing tea-tasting for 7 years and is yet to find a tea that beats Darjeeling summer muscatels!

Prior to her MBA, Shravani managed massive-scale water treatment projects which continue to help the world save hundreds of millions of liters of water every single day. At Marshall, she is focusing on operations and strategy to help drive more meaningful change in the world. She is interning at Amazon over the summer and is excited to help peers get their dream jobs!


VP of Events

Peric Fang

Place of Birth: Guangdong, China
Undergrad: University of California - Riverside
Major: Business Economics
Fun Fact: I love art and I run an online art gallery.

Peric Fang moved to LA at the age of 17, completed his undergraduate degree in Business Economics from UC Riverside in 2015 and master degree in Accounting from College of William & Mary in 2017. Prior to USC Marshall, he worked as an auditor at EY for 3 years, specialized in industries including media & entertainment, technology, and real estate. He started an online gallery in 2019 with a passion for art, curated numerous virtual exhibitions. In his free time, he enjoys exploring LA, experiencing food and art. He is excited to serve as the VP of Events in GISC and looks forward to hosting fun events this year!


VP of Events

Nikitha (Nikki) Gowda Mohan

Place of Birth: Hassan, India
Undergrad: Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)
Major: Computer Science
PostGrad: University of Illinois at Springfield
Major: Computer Network & Security
Fun Fact: I am a huge animal lover, I started volunteering at a rescue organization/shelter when I was 16 years old & honestly very hard to find a single photo of mine without my fur babies.

Prior to her MBA, Nikki worked as Security Consultant for an emerging consulting firm based out in Minneapolis and she got to work on projects in various sectors such as healthcare, investment banking. Etc. She is proud to be a Woman in Cybersecurity. At Marshall, she is focusing on data analytics and strategy. She aspires to be a product owner soon. She wants to give back to the international student community by guiding them in the right direction and provide networking opportunities that not only help them professionally but also meet some great people and start lasting friendships.

VP of Finance

Ziyue/Lillian Liu

Place of Birth: China
Undergrad: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Major: Taxation
Fun Fact: I can play three musical instruments, but I never wanted to become a musician.

Lillian (Ziyue) Liu graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics majoring in Taxation in 2016. After the graduation, Lillian joined EY in the tax department and provided tax compliance and advisory services to clients from various industries. During the summer 2021, she wants to continue utilizing her expertise in finance and accounting to make contributions to Amazon as the 2021 finance MBA intern. In her free time, Lillian enjoys exploring LA and make delicious food. She is excited to serve as the VP of Finance to support all upcoming GISC events!


VP of Marketing & Technology

Hiroaki Yanagisawa

Place of Birth: Nihama, Japan
Undergrad: Keio University, Japan
Major: Criminal Law
Fun Fact: I am good at getting blackout drunk

Hiroaki(Hiro) Yanagisawa is from Yokohama, Japan, and graduated in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Law. Before his MBA, He had been working in the automotive industry for five years, functioning in corporate sales and B2B marketing. He is a company-sponsored student and will work for the industry after graduation. Hiro likes outdoor activities, especially camping, and enthusiastic about automobiles and cooking. He is excited to serve as the VP of Marketing and Tech in GISC and looks forward to helping international students.