About Us

The mission of the Marshall Graduate Student Association for Professionals & Managers (MGSA.PM) is to improve the academic, professional and social lives of USC Marshall's MBA.PM student body by focusing on creating programs, activities, and other similar services for students. We strive to develop quality programs that will promote interaction between students, faculty, and alumni. Our primary goals are to:

  1. Represent the interests, needs, and aspirations of the MBA.PM students
  2. To foster, promote, and encourage professional growth of MBA.PM students
  3. To provide professional and educational assistance to supplement the formal education of MBA.PM
  4. To create philanthropic opportunities for students to give back to and engage the community
  5. To constantly promote the standing of the MBA.PM program

Our board is united in our will to accomplish our mission. Our passion for the program drives us to be dedicated, respectful and professional in engaging the student body, all USC programs and organization, and the general public. We will hold ourselves and the student body to a high standard. Together, we will enhance each student's experience, improve the program's standing and build a strong community.

How we do it:

  1. Serve as advocates for the MBA.PM students to the administration and faculty
  2. Identify key areas of improvement and implement changes to move the program forward and improve the future of Marshall.
  3. Collaborate with groups within Marshall and The University of Southern California (e.g. the Program Office, the CRC, Marshall student-led organizations, the GSG)
  4. Conversations and open communication with all MBA.PM classmates