The President's Message

To My Marshall and Trojan Community,

As firms move toward cross-functional projects, collaboration, and efficiency internally, very few functions have had more asked of them than marketing. Across all industries, the rapid pace and innovation within marketing, along with interaction with functions like operations, research & development, and finance have inspired many to pursue marketing for the broad range of experience and challenges facing modern marketers.

Marketing provides the backbone to the customer-centric approach that drives company success. The increasing focus on product and market fit has reshaped when and how company’s talk to their consumers in the digital age, with a focus on reaching the right consumers at the right time with the right message. Marketing success requires a unique blend of data-driven insights, creative thinking, and operational excellence to resonate with consumers.

It is my goal to empower GMA members to be successful in their marketing careers and drive actionable impact towards an equitable and inclusive future. I hope that GMA provides members with the tools to accomplish these goals and to learn to lead with empathy in the rapidly changing world of marketing and beyond.

Thank you for supporting us.

With gratitude,

Sean Wallace

President, Graduate Marketing Association