The President's Message

To My Marshall and Trojan Community,

Empathy is the difference between seeing and feeling. Empathy is what makes us human. Empathy is what will bring us all together. Simply acknowledging our differences will no longer suffice, we need to actively work to truly understand each other. In a world of social media and real-time information sharing, it is easy to become overwhelmed in the pursuit of truth. Marketing encourages us to empathize, and to ruthlessly pursue a better understanding of others.

Marketing is highly cross-functional. A successful marketer understands the needs of the consumer, as well as the needs of their internal stakeholders. A major pillar of GMA is community, and we work purposefully to build a community based in teamwork. I firmly believe that marketing, and more specifically this organization, is an amazing vehicle to bring people together, and I hope that GMA serves as a means for life-long bonds rooted in something meaningful and special.

I also believe that GMA can be a powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth. While our career goals may vastly differ, we are all part of a community of marketing-minded professionals, who strive to understand others. Marketing is not just selling, true marketing is uncovering consumer needs and delivering value.

Marketing is thought-provoking, marketing is fun, marketing is transcendent across all industries and cultures. I am thrilled to be a part of the GMA story, and I will work every day to make a difference for GMA members. Fostering a culture of empathy and teamwork will not only build a strong GMA community, it will also help us develop the most promising marketing leaders. I strive to help all GMA members succeed in all of their academic and professional pursuits, but I also hope they learn to lead with empathy.


President, Graduate Marketing Association