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GREA President’s Message





Welcome to the Graduate Real Estate Association!

I’m honored to represent the Graduate Real Estate Association (GREA) as President. On  behalf of the GREA board, I would like to welcome you to our site and invite you to get involved!

Our membership is comprised of real estate professionals and enthusiasts interested in both investment and development and across all product types. We are focused on understanding current industry trends as well as the changes and innovations taking place in real estate.

GREA is committed to enriching the experience of students and providing educational and networking opportunities outside of the classroom. We facilitate over 60 events annually including company presentations, speaker series, alumni panels, treks, as well as educational workshops including Argus Certification and financial modeling. In addition, we host case study/interview preparation, construction site visits, and numerous networking opportunities to give our members a greater understanding of the industry. Our goal is to provide our members the necessary technical and interview skills required to secure their ideal internship or full-time position. We are dedicated to being a premier MBA program in Real Estate.

 I look forward to seeing you at our events. If you’d like to take a more active role, support a new program, or have proposals please contact me or any of our board members.

 Fight on!

 Chris Bench

 President | Graduate Real Estate Association