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From Our President

No top business school had ever achieved gender equity.

I am very privileged to be in the Marshall class of 2020 – the first class at a top business school to reach (and exceed!) gender parity. Globally, these institutions have barely pushed 40% in representation of women but USC Marshall welcomed a class of 52% women, a historic achievement and an unprecedented jump from just 32% the previous year. And the difference is tangible.

The women and men of the class of 2020 are fortunate to sit in classrooms where half of the seats are occupied by women. Our educational experience is enriched by hearing the diverse voices of both female and male perspectives. The women of our class have more allies than any class before us and we are using our collective voices to continue to advance the critical issues facing women in business.

Marshall was able to do this because the student body and the administration rallied together. But this story is about more than business school, it's about the changing attitudes in business - the future workplace - and what this means for everyone. Business schools feed talent into global corporations, corporations in which women only hold 25% of senior leadership roles currently. But when the students coming from these business schools have experienced what gender equity truly means - something every Fortune 100 company is desperate for – those students become the leaders who know how to sustain and create equitable business environments. Statistically, the companies who embrace these leaders are the ones that will win. That’s what 52% means.

The women and men of the class of 2020 owe a great debt of gratitude to the class before us that looked around and said that 32% was not good enough. Those students worked tirelessly with the administration, faculty and staff to make sure that future classes would be more representative of the world we live. Our class is committed to paying that forward and ensuring that we create a strong community of women and allies at Marshall to support and nurture all future students. We are making a promise to the incoming class to continue to foster the women of GWiB through support and mentorship so that all members of our community can achieve their full potential.

Gender equity couldn't have been achieved without the unstoppable support of the Trojan Family. It IS a family.

The growth you are about to experience in our family– in just the first semester of Marshall - will propel you into the rest of your life.

We are so happy to support you - we all know it can be hard to be a woman in business. So here’s our promise to you as Marshall women: when you DO take the risks and DO do the things that ignite your passion, you have our unconditional support, because we are now YOUR team and YOUR Trojan Family.


Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have at Fight on!

Bridget Kennedy