Over the last decade, technology has found a place in nearly every industry. As a result, more graduate business students join High Tech Association than any other club. Generally speaking, our members can be divided into "networking" and "internship-seeking" groups.

The networking group is considerably larger, and these members enjoy access to our exclusive speakers, alumni panels, and mixers. These students can be some of the most passionate about technology, and are a valuable part of our community.

Our internship-seeking group enjoys the same benefits as the networking group, but often seeks to go deeper: these members want to launch or advance their careers in technology, and for HTA to provide resources and structure in their recruitment process. To support these members, HTA offers a comprehensive case certification program.


It all starts with dedicated custom casebooks, developed in-house, and based on the best-selling casebooks on the market. Our casebooks are designed to ease students into the case interview structure, and provide introductions to question types, essential frameworks, and sample interview dialogues. Casebooks are provided at the start of each year and are updated annually.

Once students are familiar with these introductory concepts, we provide students with a handbook of case questions, which will be used throughout the course of the year as they engage in constant mock interviews.

Weekly Peer Casing Practice

Every Friday afternoon, the HTA Casing team will host an optional (highly recommended) practice session for all club members. During these sessions, members will be randomly assigned a practice partner and run through a full product case interview: estimation, design, pricing, strategy, and go-to-market. Each person will provide on-the-spot written feedback, which will also be logged by HTA to track and assess overall growth.

Mentorship Program

All participants in the HTA Case Certification Program will be automatically enrolled in the HTA Mentorship Program. During 2-week checkins, mentees will be interviewed by their second-year mentor. Mentors will provide on-the-spot written feedback, in addition to logging results with HTA to track and assess overall growth.

Super Saturdays

Super Saturdays are full-day mock interviews, conducted by second-years and Marshall alumni working in the tech industry. These represent major milestones in each participant's case certification and are a requirement to completing the program. Student eligibility to participate is determined by both quantity and quality of practice sessions, in addition to attending a set number of HTA events.

  • Super Saturday 1: Early October, conducted by Marshall second-year students
  • Super Saturday 2: Late November, conducted by Marshall Alumni
  • Super Saturday 3: Mid-January, conducted by Marshall Alumni

Students are expected to treat Super Saturdays as live interviews, including formal attire, sending thank you emails, and appropriate behavior. Interviewers will provide on-the-spot spoken feedback, in addition to logging rubrics with the HTA Casing team. Results will be privately shared with each participant, and group statistics will be provided in a post-Super Saturday debrief.

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