Over the last decade, technology has found a place in nearly every industry. As a result, more graduate business students join High Tech Association than any other club. Generally speaking, our members can be divided into "networking" and "internship-seeking" groups.

The networking group is considerably larger, and these members enjoy access to our exclusive speakers, alumni panels, and mixers. These students can be some of the most passionate about technology, and are a valuable part of our community.

Our internship-seeking group enjoys the same benefits as the networking group, but often seeks to go deeper: these members want to launch or advance their careers in technology, and for HTA to provide resources and structure in their recruitment process. To support these members, HTA offers recruiting resources, which involves professional development sessions recruiting sessions, and our casing program.

PROFESSIONAL Development Sessions

Our professional development team provides members with skills and resources to develop careers in the tech industry. This includes our Techxploration Series to introduce members to the tech industry, technical trainings on topics such as SQL & Figma, and a fireside chat series with tech leaders.


Our recruiting team arms our members with the resources they need for interviewing and recruiting. Events include resume and cover letter workshops, recruiting advice panels, mock behavioral interviews, & more!