The first few months of an MBA are busy: you've got academic, recruitment, and personal commitments, and it can feel impossible to stay on top of everything. It's especially hard when you're unfamiliar with the industry you want to recruit into, and that's where HTA can help. Over the last 10 years, our second-years have successfully recruited into tech -- with or without prior industry experience.

Coffee chats are great, but our mentorship program offers a chance to develop a personal relationship with someone who's "done it before." In one-on-one sessions, mentees are encouraged to ask mentors questions about anything that worries them about the recruiting process, advice on any upcoming interviews, and general career guidance.

Find Your Story

One of the first things that students going through the recruitment cycle need to do is develop their "personal brand." Your mentor is always there to help if you're having trouble locking down your story or just want to run it by someone for their opinion.


Recruiting is split into two challenges: getting the interview, and having a great interview. Getting the interview can be difficult, and oftentimes it's a messaging problem. Your mentor can take a look at your resume and identify those areas where they think your story may be a little confusing, and help edit it into something that gets the recruiters calling back.


Tech isn't a monolith. After all, there's product management, product marketing, customer success, finance, etc. If you don't quite know where you belong yet, your HTA mentor can help. Even if they don't know much about the function you're interested in, they can connect you with other second-years or alumni that can make everything more clear.


All participants in the HTA Case Certification Program will be automatically enrolled in the HTA Mentorship Program. During 2-week checkins, mentees will be interviewed by their second-year mentor. Mentors will provide on-the-spot written feedback, in addition to logging results with HTA to track and assess overall growth.

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