Tech is a difficult industry to break into.

From day one on campus, you scramble to learn new jargon, practice case questions, network, and more, all while staying up-to-date with the latest trends and new technologies. It’s endless, and it hurts.

Over the past year, one thing has become clear: recruiting is hard, and at times can be incredibly demoralizing. It only gets harder when students take on recruitment alone, and can leave students feeling like they're just not good enough to succeed.

As HTA President, I'm committed to forming High Tech Association into a safe space where everyone feels included and welcome. Under my guidance, High Tech Association is designed to foster Guidance, Support, and Collaboration.


The first step is helping folks find their passion. What is it they really want to do in tech? Through a series of formal and informal events and activities, every student should have an informed direction by November.

We walk students through career options and find their best fit, provide interview prep materials, and case together.


From there is interview prep. Students are provided with collaborative opportunities to case together and grow together, buoyed by best-in-class resources and support.

No one’s perfect, and sharing our weaknesses makes us stronger. We leverage all our resources to create a better Marshall.


Finally, the magic that glues it all together: we are #OneMarshall through collaborative ambition. We’re only strong when we work together, and we’re honest about our successes and our failures.

From weekly group practice sessions to shared stories and interview prep, a unified class is the key to success.

Benson Lao

HTA President, 2021-22

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