Welcome to the High Tech Association (HTA) at Marshall!

The High Tech Association (HTA) at USC Marshall School of Business is committed to helping students interested in pursuing careers in the tech industry. MBA students can pursue a variety of different career paths – from marketing, product, finance, business development, operations and more – with leading technology companies and innovative start-ups. Whether you’re focused on pursuing a career in tech, or just interested in the space, HTA hopes to bring a community together of like-minded, tech-inspired individuals.

Our events include a technical trainings, Super Saturday interview preparation, Days on the Job company visits, and panels with practitioners across the tech industry. Our goal is to provide members with exposure to all technology sectors and functions and give them opportunities to engage with the tech community in Los Angeles, the greater Southern California region, and the Bay Area.  HTA is committed to providing guidance, support, and community for its members through its comprehensive program and unique approach.

My goal as President of HTA is to build a community of tech-inspired individuals and to enable members to recruit successfully in the tech industry. In order to achieve this goal, we have developed a 3-pronged strategy: Connect, Explore, and Prepare.


All of HTA benefits when we leverage the resources at our disposal. HTA members are positioned to pursue their professional and personal goals through connecting with each other and across the larger Marshall and Trojan networks.

We will connect with each other through events aimed at professional exploration and development, and utilize our mentorship program to set first-year members up for success.


Technology can be a difficult and confusing industry to break into, and it is HTA's privilege and responsibility to expose its members to all career paths in tech.

There's new jargon to learn, case interviews to practice, networking to do, and more. The first step is helping people find their passion. What is it they really want to do in tech?

Through a series of formal and informal events and activities, our members will gain an understanding of emerging tech trends and opportunities for business students in the tech industry.


HTA supports its members to prepare for recruiting diligently, professionally, and with intention. As students become more secure in their career direction, HTA provides support throughout the recruiting journey.

We seek to provide a clear structure for recruiting success, supported by a robust mentorship program, interview and casing preparation, a strong relationship with Graduate Career Services, alumni connections, and other resources.

Whether you're looking to pivot into a new role in technology or exploring the industry for the first time, HTA has the resources for you to succeed. We are here to support our members to connect, explore, and prepare for the recruiting process during their time at Marshall.

Katherine Jabba

HTA President, 2023-2024