MBCP message


It's a remarkable time for Marshall's Business Competition Program (MBCP). Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our students and staff, MBCP has grown to reach record-breaking numbers of podium finishes and awards won across a variety of business competitions. Our program includes a series of case competition workshops, a coaching program, a streamlined application process, access to top competitions, and reimbursements and logistical support. This robust program ensures that Marshall students are prepared to advance in competitions against other challenger MBA programs and succeed in winning great prizes and accessing the best recruitment opportunities while solving complex real-world problems.

Our dedicated MBCP training team and coaches are deeply motivated to give back to the Marshall community and build our reputation as a business competition leader. Be leveraging our wealth of learnings from previous competitions, academic studies, and dedicated student leaders, we are prepared to enable the incoming class to solve some of the world's biggest problems while further developing relationships with our corporate partners.

We're excited that you found us and are interested in Marshall's Business Competition Program. Whether you are a prospective student, fellow MBA candidate, alumnus, or recruiter, we encourage you to get involved with MBCP.

Questions about MBCP? Please contact:

  • Sudeep Raj : sudeepra@marshall.usc.edu