Financial policies


The way in which prize money is paid out to winning teams will vary from competition to competition. If you win prize money at a competition, please check with the competition organizers regarding how your winnings will be paid to you.

Any student without a tax identification number (social security number) is subject to a 30% tax on their winnings from the United States federal government.


  1. In order to be eligible to receive travel reimbursement from the Program Office, each team member must complete the competition application submission process via the MBCP website and be selected for the Marshall team by the Marshall Case Competition Program selection committee. The competition must be officially sanctioned by MBCP.
  2. The team must meet with a Case Competition Coach for coaching and feedback, prior to their competition.
  3. The Full-Time MBA Program Office will reimburse up to $500 in travel expenses (airfare, hotels, meals, etc.) per student selected for a team.
    • The amount may be lower depending on the circumstances and location of the competition. (i.e. travel for competitions held in the LA area will not be reimbursed)
    • Students will be reimbursed for a total of $500 per academic year. Students who do not receive the full $500 reimbursement for their first competition are eligible for additional reimbursements in subsequent competitions, with the total reimbursement not to exceed $500.
    • Participants must submit original receipts within (30 days) of the original transaction date for each expense from which a reimbursement is claimed.
    • Reimbursements will not be processed if received more than 30 days after case competition.
  4. Each student must turn in their own expenses separately (no combining expenses on one report).
  5. Receipts must be original and itemized. A credit card transaction slip must be accompanied by the vendor's itemized sales check or receipt. The university is very strict about this policy! Please do not submit a credit card transaction slip without an itemized receipt and expect to get reimbursed!
  6. The Full-Time MBA Program Office will not reimburse for alcoholic beverages.
  7. Should your team win any money through the competition, the reimbursement amount may be adjusted.
  8. Your team must submit your final presentation deck to Kat Lopez ( before any reimbursements will be processed.
  9. Reimbursement requests must be submitted within four weeks of returning from the case competition.  Reimbursements submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.


  1. All reimbursement requests must include the following:
    1. Completed travel & expense reimbursement form
    2. Original itemized receipts taped to 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper (more than one receipt may be attached to each page)
    3. Write your name and the case competition name on each sheet
  2. Please update your local address on OASIS (log on through MyUSC) prior to submitting your reimbursement request. All checks will be mailed to the local address on file. The Full-Time MBA Program Office cannot pick up your check and hold it for you.
  3. Reimbursement requests should be submitted to Kat Lopez in JKP 200, who will review/approve the request and forward for processing.
  4. Approved reimbursements will be processed within 4-5 weeks from the date they were submitted.


There are some additional documents the USC Disbursement Office must have to complete the processing of your reimbursement.

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of I-20
  • Copy of visa sticker and I-94 Card
  • International student reimbursement form

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